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It's easy to locate your Personalized Gifts and Engraved Gift selections quickly, when using the Advanced Search featue. It allows you to personalize your search criteria based on price, category, occasion, gender, and description.
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Due to many circumstances beyond our control, we are temporarily suspending order production. To facilitate this we have removed the ability for our customers to submit new orders. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.
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CNS Direct Personalized Gifts offers hundreds of personalized and engraved gift ideas for every occasion.  Select from unique personalized gift ideas for weddings, graduations, retirement, and births, as well as seasonal and annual occasions like Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's and Father's Day, Birth Days, spring break, and summer vacation.
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CNS Direct Personalized Gifts offers hundreds of personalized and engraved gift ideas for everyone on your gift list.  We feature personalized gifts and engraved gifts for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and your entire wedding party, gifts for your entire family, your co-workers, friends, classmates, and personalized gifts for newborns.
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Custom Personalized Gifts IS Who We Are...

Making your Personalized Gifts "Truly Memorable" IS what we do...

How long will it take to receive my order?

How can I locate the items I want to purchase?

Can I search by Occasion or Recipient?

How do I see more details about an item?

How do I select a Personalization Letter Style?

How do I enter my personalization?

How do I view a summary of my shopping cart?

How can I make changes to my personalization?

Do you offer coupons?

How can I find out how much delivery will be?

Do you ship Internationally?


This web site (www.cnsdirect.com) offers customized personalized and engraved gifts.  This means you can specify the personalization or inscription to be imprinted or engraved and you can choose many design aspects of the personalization, such as the "Letter Style" (font) to use for the personalization, and often the placement for the personalization.

Instructions For Using The www.cnsdirect.com WebSite

Processing Time
Annually our ourder processing time averages just 3 business days.  Many orders complete processing and ship in just a day or two.  Real-Time order processing is currently averaging 5 business days.  Delivery times vary, based on the delivery method you select for the order, and the destination address, but range from Next business day to 8 business days.  During checkout you will be presented with a list of delivery options and estimated delivery times for each.  To view the available shipping options, cost, and delivery time estimates anytime, just add your items to the online shopping cart and click the "SHIPPING" link on the left of the page (next to the small brown truck).

Site Search
All of the pages on the site contain a quick search tool.  The Quick Search tool allows you to search by a single keyword or string.  For example if you want to find beer mugs you would simply type beer mugs into the Quick Search box and click the GO button.  The result would return all of our personalized items that would be used as beer mugs.  If you wanted to see all of ourpersonalized mugs you would enter just mugs.  This search result would return beer mugs and coffee mugs.

Advanced Search
For more precise searches, use our "
Advanced Search" tool.  A link to this tool is located at the bottom of every page.  The Advanced Search tool will allow you to narrow your search by very specific search criteria such as gift occasion, gift recipient and price.  You can even combine the search criteria with a keyword to quickly locate just the right personalized gifts.

Product Details
Once you've located an item that you'd like to purchase, access its details page by clicking on its "More Detail" link.  The product's detail page contains detailed information about the gift, as well as personalization hints, available letter styles and personalization options.  Review the details; select an available letter style, choose whether all the items will have the same personalization or whether each will have unique personalization, change the quantity as needed and click the Make Selection button.

Entering Your Personalization
The personalization detail page will display text entry boxes that are used to enter each line of the personalization.  The page will have one line for each line of personalization available.  The personalization entry boxes will be broken down into sets, enough to match the quantity you entered in the quantity box on the previous page, if you selected the "Each will have Unique Personalization" option.  For example, if you entered 5 as your purchase quantity and selected the Unique Personalization option, and the product offered up to three lines of engraving, the personalization detail page would display 5 sets of three text entry boxes.  If the item offered up to 2 lines of personalization, it would display 5 sets of two.  Note: You do not have to fill in every inscription box for every product.  If the product offers 3 lines of engraving and you only want one line, just enter your inscription in Line One of the inscription boxes for that product.  Our experienced artisan will artfully size the inscription to best match the personalization area for the gift.

Every personalized gift offers free, or included, personalization.  Many items can accommodate even more personalization than what's offered. For these items you'll be offered the opportunity to add additional lines of personalization for the price displayed along side of the personalization box. You will only be charged for the additional personalization if your personalization actually exceeds the included lines of personalization. For instance, if the gift item includes up to 3 lines of personalization at no additional charge and it offers additional lines for $3 more, and your personalization requires 4 lines, you'll be charge the item's base price plus the $3 for the one extra line of text.  However if you only enter 3 lines of text, using any of the text boxes, you'll only be charged the item's base price.

Each text entry box set will offer a choice of available Letter Styles. You can select a different letter style for each item if you desire.  To change a Letter Style, just click the drop box next to the word "*Style".  All available Letter Styles for the gift will be displayed in the drop selection list.  (Note: Not all products offer all of our Letter Styles.  Only Letter Styles suitable to the item are listed.)

View Shopping Cart
After you've entered your personalization for each item, and chosen a Letter Style for each of the items, click the "Save Inscription" button located below the last inscription text box.  You will then be taken to your shopping cart summary screen.  Here you should review your personalization text and selected options.  If you need to make a change to the personalization or letter style, just click on the personalization text, to be returned to the personalization details page.  If you'd like to increase or decrease the quantity of an item or delete the item, change the quantity in the quantity box for the item, then select the "Recalculate Cart" button.  (Note: To delete an item, either set its quantity to zero or check the "Remove" link next to the item.)  To return to your cart summary anytime, just click one of the "Cart" link at the top or bottom of the page.

If you need to change a personalization location option, such as engrave top, or engrave front, etc. you'll need to delete the existing option and re-add the item to your shopping cart with the correct options.

A few times a year we offer an additional coupon discount to site visitors and previous customers. These coupons can be used to purchase any regularly stocked item from our site. Typically, if it appears in a search, then the coupon can be used to purchase it.

Check Delivery Cost
You check your estimated delivery cost and delivery options at any time using the Shipping calculator tool located at the left of the page, or the "Estimate Delivery Cost" link on the order summary page. The application will display a list of available delivery methods and their cost.  Note: Not every delivery method is available to every destination.

International Delivery
Currently, we only ship to U.S. states and territories.

Secure Payment Processing
The Secure Order Processing pages will guide you through entering your delivery information, selecting a delivery method, and entering your payment information.  After you have completed the delivery and payment information pages, review the final order summary page.  Double check all your delivery and payment information and check your product summary to be sure that it includes all the gift items you need, and then click the Finalize Order button to process your payment and display your order confirmation.  Please print the order confirmation page for your records.
Lastly, you will receive an order confirmation via email.  The confirmation will detail your purchases and personalization.  Please proof read the confirmation for accuracy.  If any changes are needed, reply to the confirmation with your instructions and changes.  (Note: no changes can be made without an email or fax confirmation.)  If you have a spam blocker or inspection software, please add sales@cnsdirect.com to the accepted sender list.

Need Additional Help
If you're needing a little extra guidance or help please contact our rapid response email sales group:
Or give us a call at:


Custom Personalized Gifts IS Who We Are...

Making your Personalized Gifts "Truly Memorable" IS what we do...

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